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Join Us to Get Practical Help and Next Steps to Start and Grow Your Business in the Balkans. 


Local and International Business Coaching To

Help You Start and Grow Your Business 

Get practical help and tools you can use to start and grow your business in Albania.

Our Program

Why Join Our Program? 

You have goals, dreams, and inspiring ambition

but without practical skills and guidance, starting your business will be difficult.

  • Do you need guidance for business planning and raising startup capital?

  • Are you overwhelmed by the complexity of starting a business?

  • Are you struggling to grow a profitable business?

  • Are you worried your business will fail?

That is Why You Need a Guide!

You can wander down the path wasting time, money, and stressing yourself out

- OR -

You can work directly with a U.S. and local business coach who will guide you through the process of starting and growing your business.

The GrowBiz StartUp Program Overview

Join our program at any phase for your unique business needs


Test, Plan, and Fund

Do you have a clear business idea and you are ready to start the journey? Our U.S. and local coaches will help refine your idea and prepare your business for launch.


Prepare and Launch

Work with our U.S. and local coaches to implement your business plan and to start your own business.

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Manage and Grow

Work with our U.S and local coaches to solve unique problems, to update your key business systems as you grow, and to become a better leader.

Lay the Foundation


So you have a business idea...
What should you do next?

Start your journey with the following steps:

1. Register now to our digital library and get access to our Startup program.

2. Write out and submit your business idea for initial review by our team.

3. Schedule an initial consultation meeting with a U.S. and local coach to discuss your business idea and learn how to qualify for phase 2.

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Test, Plan, and Fund Your Business


So, your business concept is promising...
What are your next steps?

Get one-on-one mentoring from U.S. and local coaches to guide you as you prepare for a successful launch.

1. Test and refine your business idea and receive valuable feedback from real customers.

2. Create an actionable business plan with details on key systems to run your business including: marketing, operations, financial projections and more.

3. Explore LinkAcross & other funding sources; 

identify regulatory requirements and raise startup capital. 

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Copy of Phase 1.png


Prepare and Launch
Put your business plan and startup capital to work

With your whole team and coaches aligned and working from the same playbook (your business plan), you will have confidence and clarity to grow your business from day 1.

1. Work directly with your U.S. and local coaches.

Deploy your pre-launch strategy and put your startup capital to work. Officially start your business and begin to serve customers. Identify and navigate roadblocks with your coaches during this critical period.

2. Implement and manage your key business systems.
Deploy your operational systems and manage cash flow as you grow 
toward profitability.

3. Deliver your product or service with excellence.

Deliver a great experience to create loyal, long-lasting customers who will promote your brand.

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Phase 1 (9).png
Manage and Grow


Optimize your business and become a better leader

Our U.S. and local coaching team is here to help you master your business, develop as a strong leader, and achieve your goals and dreams. 

1. Grow your business

Work with our U.S. and local coaches to generate stable and consistent growth. Navigate roadblocks and update your key business systems as your business becomes established.

2. Decide the path forward and elevate the community

Think about how your business success can elevate and build up the community around you. Begin long-term planning for your business.

3. Become a better leader

Learn more about yourself, your people and your business to become the kind of leader that everyone loves. Join a community of business leaders in your region to share ideas and wisdom.

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Phase 1 (9).png
Pricing Information

Lay the Foundation

Register now to our digital library and get access to our Startup program.

45 minute call with a local coaching team

to discuss your business idea

Price: FREE


Test, Plan, and Fund

Up to 10 sessions (1-2 hours per session) of personal coaching to create a business plan, plan for launch, and secure startup capital.

Price: 49 euros

* Phase 2 typically requires 3-6 months to complete


Prepare and Launch

Up to 10 sessions (1-2 hours per session) of personal coaching to guide you through a successful pre-launch
and start 
of your business.

Price: 99 euros

*Phase 3 typically requires 4-8 months to complete


Manage and Grow

Up to 10 sessions (1-2 hours per session) of personal coaching and tools to grow your business and
become a better leader.

Price: 99 euros

* Phase 4 typically requires 6-12 months to complete

Meet Our GrowBiz Team

Our team is here to help you understand what you need to build the business you want.

GrowBiz StartUp is a program that is designed and implemented by LinkAcross, an NGO focused on economic development in the Balkans with over 10 years of experience and an extensive network of business coaches and consultants.

We have successfully partnered with organizations like USAID, embassies, and local governments to help hundreds of entrepreneurs like you to start and grow their businesses.

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